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Buying And Marketing Groups Represented By Harry Ray

Attorney Harry Ray has served many types of buying groups and marketing groups throughout Tennessee and the whole country.

Some of the groups he either currently represents or has represented in the past include:

(a) Several groups of distributors within the automotive industry, including automotive parts warehouse distributors, paint, body and equipment distributors, automotive tools distributors, automotive engine parts warehouse distributors and distributors of replacement parts for performance cars;

(b) Groups in the Christian product industry, including a group of Christian retail bookstores and a group of Christian outlet bookstores;

(c) A group of manufacturers in the plastics industry;

(d) A group of distributors of large signage printing equipment;

(e) A group of businesses who purchase blank sports apparel items for imprinting by screen printing or embroidery;

(f) A group of retailers of home storage containers and organizational items;

(g) A group of retailers of garden and nursery supplies, and a separate group of distributors who sell to such types of retailers;

(h) A furniture retailing group;

(i) A group of vending machine operators,

(j) A group of office supply dealers;

(k) Two separate groups of funeral home directors;

(l) A group of camera shop retailers;

(m) Two groups in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries;

(n) A group of trophy and awards dealers;

(o) A group of distributors of home appliances;

(p) A group of tire distributors

(q) A group of restaurants for supplies (besides NMG’s groups);

(r) A franchisor that had a buying group for the purchase and resale of citron-based carpet cleaning agents and related equipment;

(s) A group for contacts and other related supplies for optometrists;

(t) A group of pharmaceutical distributors;

(u) A group of flooring retailer; and

(v) A group of lighting stores and electrical supplies dealers.