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Managing Your Group With An Eye On The Bottom Line

One may wonder: what is a buying group and what is a marketing group? Buying groups (also known as purchasing co-ops, group purchasing organizations or GPO’s) focus on leveraging their collective purchasing power to obtain better purchasing terms for their members. A marketing group provides its members a menu of various marketing tools they can use to help increase their sales. These could include web page designs, electronic catalogs, flyers, in-store displays and perhaps a common store name they can unite behind.

Even in providing these marketing services the group is, in a sense, a buying group because it is making them available to its members at an affordable cost. Most of these high-level services would be beyond the reach of a typical member if they were to try to create them on their own. Many groups have both a purchasing and a marketing function.

Buying and marketing groups that are leaders in their field remain successful because they do not grow complacent. They tirelessly pursue opportunities to limit expenses and leverage their partnerships with vendors, suppliers and other members. Working with a qualified attorney ensures that business owners make smart decisions when they are operating their buying or marketing group.

Our lawyers at Ray Law Firm, PLLC, understand the challenges that business owners face when they are running their GPO. Since 1985, we have customized strategies that help our clients streamline operations, remain compliant with regulations and minimize expenses. From our Chattanooga office, we represent clients globally who seek practical, cost-conscious legal advice.

Your Partner In Daily Operations

Our attorneys have decades of experience with the buying group industry, so we anticipate conflicts and take appropriate measures to avoid them. Our understanding of business law, intellectual property law and antitrust regulations allows us to provide cutting-edge legal advice.

We offer tailored services that encourage our clients to develop and expand their organizations. We regularly assist our clients with:

  • Preparing the minutes of board and general membership meetings
  • Establishing and revising procurement policies
  • Developing steps to maintain compliance with antitrust laws
  • Reassessing and renegotiating contracts with vendors and suppliers
  • Establishing rebate programs and best practices guidelines to maximize rebate benefits
  • Developing strategies for recruiting new members
  • Developing a trademark portfolio for the group’s private label goods and marketing services
  • Addressing trademark infringements
  • Handling the delicate situation of terminating a member involuntarily
  • Assisting with the HR issues arising with the group’s employees

We take the long view when advising our clients of their options and have received favorable reviews from clients who appreciated our practical and insightful counsel. Our Tennessee firm has legal ability necessary to help GPOs in any sector at any scale. Whether your organization services a handful of distributors or hundreds of retailers, we know how to keep your operations running smoothly.

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