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Establishing A Firm Foundation For Your Buying Group

When small businesses form purchasing groups, they leverage their group’s buying power to qualify for services and products typically limited to large corporations with vast resources. Drawing from the group purchasing organization’s (GPOs) financial pool, members benefit from the purchasing co-op’s ability to:

  • Negotiate favorable purchasing terms with manufacturers, vendors and suppliers
  • Provide the membership with world class marketing deliverables
  • Develop an information technology program that can be used by the membership
  • Negotiate lower rates for medical insurance policies, liability insurance and other insurance policies
  • Negotiate lower costs for human resource, accounting and payroll services
  • Qualify for wholesale rates for office supplies, including computers and paper products

It takes consideration and foresight to form a buying group that does more than break even for its membership. If you want to maximize the advantages this type of organization confers, it is necessary to get guidance from a qualified professional.

Helping You Make Smart Choices From The Beginning

Since 1985, Harry Ray has guided business owners through the GPO formation process. Our Chattanooga firm supports a diverse range of clients whose businesses vary in size, valuation and industry. With over a half-century of combined legal experience, we have the skill set you require to set your buying group on a successful, lucrative path.

Our business attorneys handle all matters related to a GPO’s startup, including:

  • Assisting with entity selection
  • Developing and modifying membership agreements and applications, antitrust guides and confidentiality agreements
  • Advising on staffing and structuring ownership and management
  • Assisting with brand selection and protection
  • Negotiating and revising contracts with group members, vendors and suppliers

Our lawyers draft, revise and execute agreements that promote our clients’ best interests. We regularly represent owners in negotiations with suppliers of products for resale by the members, vendors of products used by the members in their operations, new members and other parties. We scrutinize agreements to ensure that our clients receive favorable terms and that they comply with the antitrust laws.

After your GPO has been launched, you can depend on us to continue to safeguard your entity’s brand and take appropriate measures to avoid antitrust actions.

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