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Leave A Lasting Impression With Your Group’s Brand

Succeeding in today’s global economy requires not only superior products or customer service. The brand you create plays a key role in helping your business establish an identity that resonates with potential customers and differentiates your services from others in the same industry. A group’s trademarks and service marks often turn out to be among its most valuable assets. They are the essence of all of the advertising and marketing dollars invested by a group in promoting the goods and services of itself and its members.

Our business and commercial attorneys at Ray Law Firm, PLLC, have the depth of legal experience necessary to help your buying group identify a distinctive brand that best represents your group purchasing organization (GPO). We have successfully registered hundreds of trademarks on behalf of our clients in Tennessee and across the country, and we have defended them against infringement.

Assisting You As You Select And Register Your Mark

Our founding lawyer, Harry Ray, has practiced law for decades and has a deep knowledge of trademark law. He and his partner, Scott Ray, have registered and defended hundreds of trademarks for clients across the US, and have worked with their network of firms to register dozens of trademarks worldwide. They leverage this background when researching brand opportunities for your group. With our team’s guidance, your group can select a mark that:

  • Identifies distinctive services or products you provide
  • Embodies and symbolizes the goodwill of your group
  • Avoid conflicts and confusion with marks owned and used by others
  • Maximizes and optimizes coverage of your goods and services within your budgetary constraints

Our attorneys conduct thorough reviews to ensure that your mark does not infringe on marks that have been registered or have applications pending with relevant agencies. Our team will then register the necessary paperwork so that your buying group can establish a claim for ownership.

When your group’s visibility relies on your brand, it is crucial to handle this matter with care. Whether you need advice on a group design mark, wordmark, service mark or trademark, you can depend on us to give you an honest assessment of your options so that you feel comfortable with the decisions you make.

Concerned About Protecting Your Brand? Contact Us For An Assessment.

Before it appears on your letterhead and website, your brand should be researched and applied for with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We handle these matters efficiently and charge cost-effective rates.

Call our Chattanooga firm today at 423-825-9772 or email us to learn how we can help you with branding your buying group and protecting your group’s intellectual property.