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Avoid Legal Obstacles That Can Hurt Your Buying Group

Buying and marketing groups, also known as group purchasing organizations (GPOs) or purchasing co-ops, can have a meaningful impact on product pricing and product availability in the marketplace. Antitrust regulations were designed to protect consumers’ rights by penalizing businesses that engage in predatory practices that restrict consumers’ options. Whether you are creating your GPO or investigating options for developing it, you need to remain mindful of the state and federal competition laws.

In Chattanooga, Ray Law Firm, PLLC, is qualified to handle a variety of matters related to antitrust law. We navigate our clients around the obstacles posed by the laws that prohibit price fixing, horizontal territorial, customer or product allocations, boycotts, market preclusion and price discrimination so that they can legally achieve their business objectives. We also assist groups that have national account programs, i.e., a program that enables a national or regional customer to rely on several members of the group to supply it under a single contract.

Engaging Proactively To Minimize Your Exposure To Fines And Penalties

Our founding attorney, Harry Ray, has successfully represented GPOs in Tennessee and across the country since 1985. He applies his deep knowledge of state and federal antitrust laws when assisting clients with antitrust compliance and entity formation, development and expansion.

Our team takes a proactive approach when we advise our clients, helping you save money by avoiding prolonged legal action. We educate our clients so you make informed decisions on matters related to:

  • The risks associated with requiring members to purchase exclusively from one vendor
  • Problematic provisions in vendor and supplier contracts
  • Controversial pricing strategies and distribution arrangements
  • Price information sharing

We develop straightforward compliance strategies, write antitrust guides and deliver antitrust presentations so that you understand your obligations and act in accordance with the law.

Learn How To Limit Adverse Legal Actions. Consult With Us.

Know your options before you move forward. Contact our legal team using our online form or by dialing 423-825-9772 and schedule a private meeting with a pre-eminent antitrust law lawyer.